Line Phono Speaker Stand Overview


For our Line Phono Speaker Stands, we wanted to create a form that elevates the design of your speakers and visually interprets musical output. Speakers produce the most dynamic output, yet their form is always rectangular. The traditional speaker stands are even less exciting: black aluminum poles with ugly, generic bases. After several design explorations, we believe we've achieved this form while adding new functionality + flexibility.


Rather than a fixed, screw-in stand, we wanted to create a platform base to offer ultimate flexibility.

  • Works with both bookshelf speakers plus large streaming / bluetooth speakers such as Sonos Play:5 and Peachtree DeepBlue.
  • Each stand includes Line Phono Speaker Anglers, angled for both sitting + stand-up listening. 
  • (4) individually adjustable steel + rubber feet for leveling + stability.


For our extra specialized features, we've carried over the theme of flexibility:

  • (6) Cable management holes: route the cables the way that best suits your needs. Showcase your high-end cables by routing on the outside of the stand or go more low-key by routing them straight to the floor.
  • Flexible storage area: we carried over popular design features from our Turntable Stand, including a Now Spinning Groove for displaying album art, and an area for holding a stack of records (perfect for storing your current rotation). 
  • Top base will fit isolation accessories, such as Isoacoustics Stands


We designed the Line Phono Speaker Stand to look visually appealing with all types of speakers, in any position in the room. Like our Turntable Stand, the Speaker Stand's sum aesthetics are neutral and will fit in any decor

accentuates corners...
... or adds to a full setup.