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Have you ever owned a turntable stand that you really loved? (We haven't.)

We've been entrenched in vinyl culture for over 20 years. In other ventures, we've sold over 20,000 turntables from $100 beginner decks to $1000 hifi tables (not to mention hundreds of thousands of records). We've been DJs since our early teens. As we grew older, we explored the endless tunnels of the audiophile world. 

At some point we outgrew Ikea and cheaply made laminated things. Recognizing a lack of options for a proper turntable stand (we never thought those overpriced audiophile stands were an option), we decided to launch Line Phono. We took our time getting our first product together (over a year of design, prototyping, sourcing) because we wanted to get it right. Hopefully, you'll like it as much as we do. 


The Furniture Solution for your turntable setup, designed by industry experts + world class architects. 

Working closely with an award-winning architectural firm, we built our dream turntable console with these core concepts: 

Like tackling an architectural problem, we utilized a detailed process of research, prototyping, and testing to come up with our final design.

In the end, we developed a design that met all our demands in terms of structure, functionality, and aesthetics.

DESIGNED IN BROOKLYN: one of several prototypes developed during the process.
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