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SMART DESIGN: durable material + interlocking parts + minimal hardware.
  • Professionally developed by turntable experts + award-winning architects

  • Constructed of MDF: a hard, dense wood fiber material. MDF is the same material used in most audiophile turntable bodies for its durability and vibration-dampening characteristics.

  • Update: also available in Baltic Birch more info.

  • All corners feature a rounded finish, and additionally, all edges feature a 1/18" radius edge trim for a refined look and feel. All surfaces are smooth to the touch.

  • Not laminated or veneered. We purposely chose this material as an alternative to the cheap laminated furniture that currently dominates the market. Our material offers a neutral matte look that is capable of developing its own patina. The material has many unique characteristics including  speckling and subtle color variatins. To learn more about the material characteristics, please read the more about MDF in our FAQ.


  • TURNTABLE SHELF: Fits most turntable models from larger models like the Technics 1200 to mid-sized models like the Pro-Ject Debut series to entry level turntables like the Audio-Technica ATLP60.

  • ACCESSORIES SHELF: Ample room for pre-amp, compact amplifiers, and vinyl accessories.

  • (2) RECORD SHELVES: each shelf holds up to 100 records.

  • FOR LARGER AMPLIFIERS: the middle shelf can also accommodate larger amplifiers with plenty of headroom to keep your amp cool.


Special grooves in (3) locations to showcase your album covers. 


Built-in stoppers prevents your records from getting pushed back too far into the shelf. A small detail we're sure record collectors will appreciate.


Paired left-right ports to keep power + audio cables separate and neat (keeping them separate alsos help lessen interference and distortion). Route cables from shelf to shelf using the ports. Easy side access to hide cords in the back of the accessory shelf. Plus a hook for headphones or extra cables. Holes big enough for multiple cables + routing new power plugs.


  • During the design process, we carefully considered each measurement for the record collector.

  • HEIGHT: The turntable shelf is the ideal height for turntable operation. You'll have clear view of the needle dropping on the record. No more scrunching over. 

  • CLEARANCE: ample clearance to keep your records away from the floor. individually adjustable feet keep the Station level.

  • FOOTPRINT: With the Station you can fit so much gear into such a surpsingly small footprint. The perfect solution for the modern living space.


The Furniture Solution for your turntable setup, designed by industry experts + world class architects. 

Working closely with an award-winning architectural firm, we built our dream turntable console with these core concepts: 

Like tackling an architectural problem, we utilized a detailed process of research, prototyping, and testing to come up with our final design.

In the end, we developed a design that met all our demands in terms of structure, functionality, and aesthetics.

DESIGNED IN BROOKLYN: one of several prototypes developed during the process.

⇢How does the Station ship?

It will ship flat in a wooden crate.

⇢Is there assembly required?

Yes, assembly will take roughly 15-20 minutes. All the parts fit together and you will need to push in some pegs and screw in the feet. For some steps we suggest a 2nd person. We will have a video shortly on how to put it together. In our opinion, it is easy to put together.

⇢Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Please refer to our International Shipping page.

⇢Can you take it apart after you've made the stand.

No, the stand is not designed to be taken apart. However, it is sturdy enough to move around after assembled. If you must take it apart, email us to learn best practices.

⇢What are the exact dimensions of the shelf?

⇢How much does it weigh?

Approximately 50 lbs, the Birch model weighs approximately 42 lbs.

⇢What turntables does the stand fit?

We designed it to fit most popular turntable sizes including space for hinged dust covers to open.

⇢How many records will the Station fit?

The (2) record shelves can comfortably fit (100) records, (200) in total.

For the serious record collector, the Station is not meant to fit your entire collection (we know many of you have 1000s of records), it's meant to be a central base where you can store your current rotation or favorites. In the future, we plan to design storage-only units that will compliment the Turntable Station.

⇢Will the stand be available in other colors?

Initially, the Turntable Station will be available in Carbon or Natural. Down the line we may introduce new colors and materials, but we do not have a timeline for that.

UPDATE 11.18.16: We have introduced a new model made of Baltic Birch. It is now available to order here.

⇢I have large amplifier that i want to use, will it fit on the shelf?

The accessories shelf can fit many slim amplifiers. We also designed the 3rd shelf (3rd from the top) to be dual function. It can fit most amplfiers with maximum width of 18.75" / 476mm. t

Why isn't there a space for speakers?

Most turntable users prefer their speakers to be on a separate surface than their turntable to reduce resonance / feedback. If your speakers and turntables are on the same piece of furniture, the vibration from the speakers will negatively affect sound quality. Check out our Line Phono Speaker Stands.

Will it fit Gramovox's Floating Record Vertical Turntable?

Yes! Check out this customer's setup.

Why isn't the unit painted or coated with anything?

The material we chose to use (MDF) is a very durable material that does not need  to be  painted  or coated. We purposely chose this material because it gives the Turntable Station a unique matte look. Look closely and each Turntable Station will have a unique speckled pattern and color variations. We did not want the Turntable Station to look like something from Ikea or West Elm.  We also liked the idea that your Turntable Station will develop a unique patina. The MDF material will take on oils from your hands and show signs of usage over time.

In summation, things you should know about MDF:

  • When you look closely at MDF you'll see speckling and color variation.

  • MDF is NOT laminated or coated. It will react to both abrasions and oils in your hands. 

  • During the manufacturing process, MDF can develop light marks.

  • The Carbon colorway is more sensitive than the Natural.

  • update 11.18.16: We have added a Baltic Birch version, which is now available to order.

Can I add a finish?

CARBON COLORWAY: Yes, we've tested several products. The best is Miniwax's Wipe-On Poly (around $15). Just take a wiping cloth (or a clean cotton rag) and rub the surfaces of the Turntable Station. Each level should take you 10 minutes, however. It's more effective on surfaces than the edges (edges are porous). This finish will make your Station a darker shade of grey and will also make the material less sensitive to abrasions and oil.

NATURAL COLORWAY: We recommending putting a finish on the natural colorway because you lose the luster / color of the material.

What is your return policy?

We want to make sure you are satisfied, email us at lp@linephono.com if you have concerns. You can read our official return policy here.