Line Phono Turntable Station Turntable Stand + Vinyl Record Storage

Line Phono's Turntable Station is the ultimate Turntable Stand designed by Turntable Experts + World Class Architects. With over 1000 units in use, the Line Phono Turntable Station is a proven solution for your home vinyl setup. Stop settling.

  • Ships in 1-2 business days.
  • Available in Carbon, Natural, and Baltic Birch models
  • Currently, we are only shipping to the Contiguous US and Canada, to be notified of international shipping please join our newsletter here.
  • Read more about the Turntable Station's features here, and please read the FAQ
  • Learn more about our Baltic Birch model here.

"It turned out really well and I'm loving it. A real solid piece that was well worth the money." - T. McElhinney
"2 years later and I still love this stand..." - D. Valencia
"Everything shipped perfectly and was an easy assembly. It really is a stunning piece of work." - I. Taragano
"Thanks for an extremely well designed product. Hope to invest in future endeavors." - J. Baciao
"The stand really is quite something else. On the one hand, it is incredibly sturdy and it looks beautiful. Also, it added something to my room that was noticeably missing, a bit of personality if you will. I highly recommend this to any avid record collector, especially if space might be a concern!" - P. Vega
"Got my turntable stand today - you guys have an amazing attention to packaging." - S. Hartmann


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