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Line Phono: Magic Audio Brush for Records + Gear

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Our warehouse gets quite dusty, which ends up on our gear and records. The Magic Brush is one of the most effective ways of removing that dust. One stroke of the 100k bristles 'magically' removes nearly all dust in a single pass. Small and versatile, the Magic Brush will become an essential tool of your setup.

  • ultra-effective brush designed to remove dust from both Audio Gear + Records
  • in addition to vinyl, works great on dusty turntables, dustcovers, amps, furniture, and more
  • recommended for dusting Line Phono stands
  • for cleaning vinyl, we recommend dry cleaning, but also can be used with wet cleaners
  • each brush utilizes approximately 100,000 non-scratch bristles
  • includes storage case
  • bristle material: synthetic fiber
  • handle material: bamboo
  • handle diameter: 1.5" / 38mm
  • bristle length: 1.6" / 40mm