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Line Phono: Dubby Record Clamp & Disc Stabilizer

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The Dubby is a dual purpose stabilizer. Firstly, you can use it as a standard record weight by simply placing it on the spindle. Secondly, you can use it as a record clamp by activating the screw-top design, which applies pressure onto the spindle to firmly hold the Dubby in place.

  • dual purpose stabilizer: 1️⃣ works as a record weight stabilizer 2️⃣ when you need more stabilization, you can use the tightening mechanism for clamping
  • helps improve turntable sound quality by reducing unwanted vibrations and temporarily flattening play surface
  • medium weight at 0.77 lbs, ideal for belt-drive turntables (less stress on the motor)
  • low-profile design (1.5" high) compatible w/ low-clearance dust covers
  • works on all turntables
  • diameter: 3.125" / 79mm
  • height: 1.5" / 38mm
  • weight: 0.77 lbs / 0.35 kg
  • note: this will not fix warped records, but will help to temporarily flatten them to a degree


  • place stabilizer on record
  • with one hand, grip the lower disc by edges while pressing down
  • with the other hand, turn the upper disc clockwise until tight, don't over-tighten
  • to release, twist upper disc counter-clockwise